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  1. Corbin Bronze / Bench / Scallop B4030

    By Corbin Bronze
    Ships within 15 to 17 weeks
    Finish: 8 options
    Upholstery: 2 options
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The luxurious furniture for the bathroom to create a truly opulent interior design

We know how to make your dream about a luxurious bathroom to make true. We gathered the most refined and exquisite pieces of furniture from the collections by Italian and American designers to represent them on our website. Both Fratelli Tosi and Corbin Bronze are known for their skillful and handcrafted furniture where the main materials are glass and wood. With the help of their collections, you will be able to create a relaxing, elegant, and timeless classic interior design in the bathroom. No doubt, each piece of furniture will become a real statement as it always happens based on the feedbacks of the customers. Choose a necessary item that will suit your luxurious bathroom and we will deliver it for free as soon as possible.

A bathroom of Royal style 

Italy in general and the Republic of Venice, in particular, are famous for their attitude in manufacturing the most luxurious pieces of furniture. They are true art objects worth to become an exhibit in the numerous museums all over the country. But now you can not only watch but buy one of them online. Fratelli Tosi is a designer who believes that the Venetian style in the bathroom has a magic ability to make the master a king or queen. Their cabinets and sideboards serve for the aesthetical joy and distinguish with exceptional functionality. There are several reasons why everybody dreams but only a few own this furniture in their bathroom.

  • all pieces of furniture are reconstructions of the Venetian style, rarely used nowadays due to its meticulous way of manufacturing and high price;
  • every detail is handcrafted which makes every cabinet and sideboard a masterpiece;
  • the main material for the base is Murano glass. There is nobody in the world who still keeps that tradition and can give such an immaculate result;
  • the cabinets are decorated by crystals and handcrafted engrave painted in vivid blue and red colors;
  • choose the cabinet with front opening doors that will serve you as a bench or as a wardrobe;
  • the sideboard includes 2 basins with a front opening door mechanism.

Side Tables and benches in bronze

If you are acquainted with the American manufacturer Corbin Bronze you already know his love for bronze which is used for a large part of his furniture. His collections are the objects of art that are desirable by influential politics and Hollywood stars.

  • Dunhill collection includes a beautiful side table in cast bronze with two shelves has a special handcrafted texture in 8 options for the finish among which green, brown, natural, dark natural patina;
  • Scallop collection presents an elegant bench of cast bronze with a delicate carving on the legs in up to 8 finishes of patina, iconic for the brand. The seat cushion on the bench is upholstered by leather in any color the customer orders;

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