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History of Beaumont & Fletcher

The story of this company can be traced back to its founder‘s childhood. Every Saturday, very early in the morning, John Crowell would set off to the Portobello Road Market in London. It is here, in the magical, unique atmosphere of the market, that John Crowell gained his first experiences in both selling and buying items.

John Crowell‘s commitment to furniture began at a young age as well. The first piece he managed to restore, spending his entire vacation on this work under the supervision of a retired master upholsterer, was a beautiful Regency daybed made out of rosewood, which had been worn down by mildew and neglect. The idea behing establishing Beaumont & Fletcher was to craft beautiful and elegant furniture using expert skill and proven methods. Crowell named the company after the famous 17th century playwrights Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher, who were widely known for their eccentricity and non-conformism, yet also wrote plays of great quality and originality, to underscore the company‘s dramatic, splendid style.

After John Crowell‘s death in 2016, Beaumont & Fletcher‘s was taken over by Jana Durisova, who has gathered over a decade of experience, working her way up from junior designer to senior designer at Beaumont & Fletcher. Under Durisova‘s directorship, the company is certain to benefit from her endless optimism, strong sense of the possible and firm basis in technical precision she has acquired from her architecture and hydraulic engineering studies, combining functionality with beauty.

Beaumont & Fletcher‘s Precious Embroidered Fabrics and Fine Handmade Furniture

Beaumont & Fletcher has gained a worldwide reputation for its high-quality fabrics reflecting the company‘s love of detail as well as its handmade furniture, which is manufactured by skilled craftspeople with an extensive background in traditional craftsmanship.

Each of Beaumont & Fletcher‘s furniture pieces is created in its Kent workshop, where the company‘s expert craftspeople fabricate it out of natural materials only. For Beaumont & Fletcher‘s mirrors and wall lights, specialists from Northern Italy are employed, whose valuable traditional knowledge of gilding, metalworking and carving is passed on for many generations, providing these products with the authentic appearance of antiques.

The exceptional attention to detail this company is celebrated for can be gleaned from its manufacturing process. Every frame, made from quality seasoned beech and ash, is upholstered on a bench by one craftsman at a time, after it has beensupplied with a firm webbing and hand-applied cone coil springs. Beaumont & Fletcher‘s popular fabrics, on the other hand, feature luxurious hand-made embroidery. Made with exquisite silks in rich colours and gold or silver threads, they are sometimes enhanced by pearl and crystal details or even semi-precious stone inlays.

Beaumont & Fletcher: Unmatched Craftsmanship and Aesthetic Refinement

The Beaumont & Fletcher product range includes furniture such as chairs and armchairs (encompassing armrest chairs and bar or bistro chairs), benches and poufs, as well as sofas and fabrics. The company also offers fabrics, wall lights and mirrors without lighting.

Looking through its collections, one will find remarkable pieces such as the Clarence Sofa in moss-coloured Como silk velvet, its design concept alludes to Regency interior decorator and designer Thomas Hope, its simple elegance making it just as easily suitable for a more modern living space.

The Greenville Sofa of Beaumont & Fletcher also made out of Como silk velvet in an elegant teal colour, it features deep buttons and curled arms, as well as the backside of a typical English Chesterfield piece, complemented by a medium oak finish.

To present a product from a different category, Beaumont & Fletcher‘s opulent Chinoiserie Mirror can be chosen to serve as an example. This gilded wood mirror is made in the Chinoiserie style popular from the late 17th to the 18th century onward, its pagoda carving, scrolls and stylized waterfalls bringing the Oriental influence clearly to mind. It can be obtained with plain or antiqued mirror glass.

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We carry all products by this brand.
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