Bedroom Lighting

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Bedroom Lighting

Designer Bedroom Lighting 

The bedroom is the place where lamps of all varieties are placed to create a comfy, relaxing atmosphere for good rest. Craft lighting for bedrooms in our store is made with an intricate understanding of people’s varying needs.

Many people want to have a bedroom as not simply a resting place, but also a wardrobe and study area. In most cases, it is supplemented by a mirror and a dressing table. Sometimes, a TV and bookshelves can be found. All bedroom areas, no matter the purpose, are suitable to be completed with lamps that create comfortable lighting.

Bedroom Lighting: Countries and Brands

In our store you can buy luxurious, stylish lamps made by companies from 10 countries. Most of the models  presented in our store are by Italian, Spanish, Czech, American and French brands. Among them are famous names such as Mariner, Preciosa, Italamp, Dialma Brown, Glass & Glass Murano, Charles Paris, Boyd and more, all brands well-known for their achievements in the field of lighting design.

Bedroom Lamps: Essence of Materials

Products you can view on our website are made from eco-friendly, nice-looking materials that have traditional  or innovative designs. Most often, lamps of a traditional and innovative style are designed from bronze, in combination with fringe case and decorative materials. These are glass, marble, brass, as well as textiles and paper. Other types of metal for the manufacture of lamps are copper, iron and aluminum.

Glass and crystal can be seen in bedroom fixtures as often as various types of metal. Transparent, translucent and frosted glass shades are effectively combined with aluminum, brass, bronze and copper. One of the most spectacular varieties with an ancient history are Murano and Bohemian glass types. Structural and decorative parts of lamps are manufactured with great sufficiency and the highest delicacy. 

Ceramics are no less popular in the production of fixtures, particularly in combination with materials that make for stylish and harmonious-looking models. Among these are wooden, crystal, metal or textile elements. In bedroom fixtures, a typical ceramic element is a lampshade or leg, made as a vase, plain or painted exclusive.

Highly original designer models are made from alabaster, porcelain and even limestone. Elements of rubber, mirror glass and Swarovski crystals form unique products that you will not find in mass production.

Reinforced plastic in various colors and monochrome is one of the most used in high-tech fixtures. Polycarbonate, acrylic and polypropylene combined with noble metals form products resistant to outer impacts, with a strong lampshade and housing.

Bedroom Lighting Styles

Lamps for a bedroom in classic and traditional style are in highest demand on the market to this very day. Candelabras with a bunch of candles, floor lamps with semiconical lampshades, and table lamps with chased, sculpted and cast elements are more than suitable for bedrooms with historical, drama inspired designs. Classical traditions determine a style in which proven approaches are in harmony with the author's unique composition.

Art Deco, Art Nouveau and the Venetian styles can be said to rank among the traditional design lines of lamps for the bedroom. These luxurious products, combining the features of several eras from different historical periods, complement furniture and accessories of the same style. The bedroom looks cozy, picturesque, filled not only with light, but also with warmth.

The modern style in the manufacture of fixtures is aesthetic technology going beyond the classical concepts. A lamp in the modern style is functional and decorative at the same time. Lighting designers who prefer high-tech style exclude outfit decor that isn’t functional itself. Such a lamp acts as a selfish decorative element in the interior, fending to a single author’s intention.

Lamps for the Bedroom: Types and Use

In our store you can find any kind of fixture that fits into your bedroom ​​style idea:

  • candelabra;
  • pendant lights;
  • built-in lighting;
  • wall sconces;
  • floor and table lamps;
  • console and accent lighting.

Candelabras are acquired for large bedrooms, where bright lighting or a pompous classic lamp is needed. Candelabras are very popular among lovers of grotesque luxury where each candle is decorated with a small lampshade as a plafond. The number of such candles in a candelabrum can reach a dozen or more.

Recessed luminaires are usually spotlights. They are placed in a certain geometric sequence by the design of the bedroom lighting scheme. Despite their rigorous functionality, these fixtures can look unusual and give the rooms even more personality.

Console and accent lights are purchased for bedrooms where it is necessary to visually highlight certain spaces. For example, a cantilever lamp with a skillfully crafted lampshade and a long carved leg, similar to a floor lamp, can be set on a balcony or terrace. An accent lamp is suitable for highlighting the space above the mirror, near the wardrobe or in the niche.

Feedbacks from our buyers

We welcome your feedback and comments regarding our products quality and delivery service. Please send me any feedback, comment, suggestion or correction you may have. This feedback helps us improve our ability to provide you with the best service possible. A good customer review is our greatest reward. We will do our best to be worthy of it.
Preciosa Egmont Wall Lamp Art. WS 5519/00/002 - 2 pcs.
Erich R. (Germany)
Tolle Wandleuchten. Der Aufbau war nicht kompliziert. Die Herstellung dauerte 2 Monate, aber die Wartezeit hat sich gelohnt.
The chandelier was delivered fine. Good customer service.
The Preciosa chandelier is perfect in our living room. Order was delivered intact. Pleased with fixture ordered and service.
I was delighted to find a square table lamp on this website. The lamp is exactly what I wanted. Good company.
Mariner / Torchiere / 18531
B. Bl. (Germany)
Nun ist die Zustellung erfolgt. Die Leuchten sind da. Hinsichtlich der Verpackung gab es nichts zu beanstanden. Die Leuchten sind wohlbehalten eingetroffen. Die Leuchten: Alles ok. Ich möchte mich bei Ihnen gern noch einmal melden. Ich bedanke mich und wünsche Ihnen bis dahin alles Gute und Gesundheit.
Vaughan Alba Alabaster Urn Table Lamp
Benjamin S. (Florida city, USA)
Will definitely make more purchases with you in the future. I'm obsessed with my table lamp. It looks great in the lobby.
Very happy with my lamp arrived on time.
Vaughan Designs Carrick Leaf Wall Light 2 pcs
Elisabeth H. (New York, USA)
Love the wall lamps I got from you. Overall the experience was good. Thank you!
Tom Rossau / Pendant / TR22 More
Wesley R. / Victoria. (United Kingdom)
Love the new pendant I got from you. It was delivered in fine condition. Excellent.
Wide selection of lamps, so it’s easy to order online. The pendants fit well with my small room.

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