Designer and Luxury Chaise Lounges

    • Dialma Brown / Chaise longue / DB001718

    Dialma Brown / Chaise longue / DB001718

    By Dialma Brown
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    Ships within 2 to 4 weeks
    • Dialma Brown / Armchair / DB004904

    Dialma Brown / Armchair / DB004904

    By Dialma Brown
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    Ships within 2 to 4 weeks
    Finish: 6 options
    • Caracole / Chaise Longue / UPH-417-071-A

    Caracole / Chaise Longue / UPH-417-071-A

    By Caracole
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    Ships within 10 to 12 weeks
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Chaise Lounges

Relaxing chaise lounge of high-quality materials with a luxurious look

The chaise lounge is such a type of seating that is demanding enough. It takes space, a lot of space, and a certain mood in the room. Modern designers that work in the high-end niche suggest exceptionally elegant solutions for the chaise lounge in the elegant and refined styles. So, such an item will look perfectly well in the elegant living room with classic interior design. Others, for example, made full of wood and without upholstery, will find their place either outdoor in the garden or the living room of the Rustic or Contemporary style. On our website, you will find both variants. So, it’s time to make up your mind, ask for a tip at your designer, or rely on your own taste. We guarantee the high quality of every single item and fast delivery without additional fees.

Wood and leather for the Contemporary design

Italian manufacturer Dialma Brown is known for giving preferences to leather as the material for upholstery. Their chaise lounges are not an exception. But above all, these designers care about the uncommon ways of processing even such regular and familiar materials like wood and metal. If you prefer luxurious leather chaise lounge Dialma Brown will offer you a perfectly crafted chaise lounge with a metal base, the curved rounded legs in the elegant chrome finish. The genuine leather for upholstery is dressed with a special texture and in the unique Cigar Vintage color. 

A completely different solution, by design and by price, is a relaxed wooden chaise chair: comfortable seating, high back, and a steady construction together with bright color for the finish - these chairs will decorate every garden and will definitely become eye-catching for the guests.

An exquisite luxury of Classic style

When chaise lounge much becomes a natural part of the interior design in the living room or the bedroom, take a look at the collections by the American manufacturer Caracole. Long and rich history, attention to detail, and pure love for elegance are the elements essential for every collection. Their chaise lounge is a part of collections among which you will find other types of seating and thus, will easily create a perfect classic look with a relaxing spot in it. “Caracole upholstery” includes sofas, chairs, armchairs, and chaise lounges in the only one style: these items are made of wood with metal elements, upholstered with high-quality fabric in the neutral colors for the finish, with extremely comfortable yet elegant shapes. Find a tiny coffee table to fit this chaise lounge and you will get a relaxing corner to spend time with a book or drink a cup of a rich coffee.

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