1. Zava / BOX / Bookcase-lamp

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    Finish: 6 options
  2. Zava / Tico / Bookshelf

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    Size: 2 options
  3. Zava / Tank / Furnishing

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The Best Items of Furniture to Create Luxurious Interior Design

Once you’ve chosen the style of your interior design, it’s time to find the furniture that will suit it perfectly. We represent a vast range of items, from the sofas to the bedsides and storages. Using our filters, it’s always easy to select and match all the items by the style, by the brand, or by the type. Such a way helps to create a necessary mood and style without effort and at a short notice.

Seating Items

Sofas are always the biggest object in the room if it’s a dining or a living room. Start with it. The sofas made by the luxury brands differ from others with 2 significant features: the high-end material and style. Check the sofas in Classic or Contemporary style in the portfolios of Dialma Brown, whose ideas impress with uncommon solutions for the colors and shapes. Truly classic big sofas in the neutral finish of leather and fabric are made by Caracole.

Create a Perfect Look of the Room with Help of the Best World-Known Designers

Armchairs and lounge chairs get their first place on the list. What kind of requests do you have for the perfect armchair? Check the big, soft, of regular and irregular shapes, in wood and metal of the seatback by Dialma Brown. Beaumont & Fletcher suggest the royal armchairs upholstered by velvet of the noble and deep colors, which remind of the times of French and English kings. Caracole also completes its collection of sofas by its lounge and classic armchairs.

Finally, accent chairs must become the top of the style, adding that special mood to put the point in the perfect interior design. The collections by Caracole satisfy even the most demanding request: their beautiful armchairs with high or low back, but always comfortable in a beige or black finish and please any eye and taste. Another type of solution is in Marioni’s portfolio: a glamour combination of black and gold is absolutely splendid and luxurious.


What kind of requests do you have for the tables? What if the modern ideas of the designers are so broad that even such a simple object of the interior design can be made unique? We suggest coffee tables, consoles, bedside, dressing, executive writing tables, etc. You will be sure how diverse the tables can be when looking up the assortment. To ease your search, we suggest paying attention to the designers or the style. For example, for those who are looking for Contemporary style tables, Adriana Hoyos becomes a perfect choice. This brand surprises with a combination of textures, colors and shapes. Need something extraordinary and exclusive? Check it out at our shop first.

Coffee and cocktail tables are an integral part of every single living room. The designers whose portfolio you see on our website include this type of furniture into their collections every new season. Round, square, or of irregular form; thin metal tables or a solid wood base; neutral colors of the top or a combination of glamour colors - all this you will find in the collections by Dialma Brown, Vaughan, Adriana Hoyos, Dom Edizioni, and Caracole. Looking for a true Venetian glass? Then check out the tables by Fratelli Tosi.

Beds and Nightstands

Functional and elegant, the nightstands should correspond to the whole style but the main, the bed, the panel, or the poster one, they stand by. Designers in Caracole know how to bring the elegant mood to every single bedroom. Their beds of high-quality wood, upholstered and decorated by luxurious fabric, always go straight to the point - to give a smooth and simply magnificent look to the whole room. The best way to create a space where every item complements each other is to check the portfolios of the same designer or at least within the same style and materials.

Feedbacks from our buyers

We welcome your feedback and comments regarding our products quality and delivery service. Please send me any feedback, comment, suggestion or correction you may have. This feedback helps us improve our ability to provide you with the best service possible. A good customer review is our greatest reward. We will do our best to be worthy of it.
Marioni / Chair / Notorious 02704
M. Ludorf (Austria)
Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren! Wir haben Ihre Ware dankend erhalten. Echt super schön!
Dear Select Team, I received the console and it is beautiful.

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