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Home Accents

Choose the Right Accents for your Home to Bring Exclusiveness and Warmth to Every Room

Luxurious decoration differs from all others by its exclusive design, handcrafted way of manufacturing, and high-end materials used. Sculptures of bronze, marble, or glass; candleholders in galvanized steel or polished glass; foot vases of porcelain, and many others. They are represented by the best designers from France, England, Germany and the USA. To get any of these pieces to decorate your home, usually it takes a couple of months. We will deliver any of the items for free and as soon as possible.

Vases and Bowls 

The exquisite vases are recognized as the most popular type of decoration suitable for the bedroom, dining room and living room. The high-end brands suggest unordinary solutions to create an inimitable mood and feel like an owner of something unique, not available for everyone.

French-American brand Baccarat is known for its skillful work with glass. Their vases belong to several collections: Ghinko, Infinity, Tornado, Spirale. Every piece is made of crystal and differs by the shape: a gorgeous vase from the Spirale collection has a shape of a spiral, especially suitable for the bouquets. Small vase from the Amphora collection is a pure luxury, as it’s a beautiful decoration without a functional role;

  • Corbin Bronze from the USA manufactures all his collections in case bronze: they are furniture, lighting and special home accents. His bowls belong to different collections, because of the shapes they have, but they are all bronze products with iconic finishes. Thanks to a range of finishes, every customer may have an exclusive thing;
  • Footed vase in porcelain, painted in black polished, belongs to the tender collection “Orphee” by Raynaud, a famous French brand. One customer can order only one piece, that’s the rule;

Fireplaces and Accessories

Corbin Bronze is known for his abstract shapes perfect for the Contemporary interior design. The best proof of these words is his collections of andirons - Jupiter and Mercury. Each includes items of bronze and black steel, a combination in one piece. Choose among the 10 finishes of patina that have already become iconic for the brand. Such an andiron will bring that stylish and luxurious chic to the room with a fireplace.


Candleholders are the perfect solutions for those who dream to add warmth and coziness to the room. The diversity of these accessories is impressive but nobody, except the brands with history, knows how to make them exclusive.

  • Baccarat suggests elegant candleholders in the Classic style that serves as a source of lighting or decoration in the dining room;
  • Robers follow their traditions to use steel in all types of furniture and accessories. Their candleholder is laconic, perfect for the Industrial style, made of metal in 10 different finishes;

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