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    • Tom Corbin / Author's sculpture / Mannequin II Tall S1150

    Tom Corbin / Author's sculpture / Mannequin II Tall S1150

    By Tom Corbin
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Sculptures & Statues

Exclusive sculptures and statues of bronze and marble from the USA and France

The elegant statuettes of female figures dress in classic or exotic clothes, male figures reminded aristocracy from the previous centuries, famous philosophers, wild and domestic animals, abstract shapes - each of them can be a special decoration for the bedroom, living room, or the dining room. Each of them is handcrafted of bronze, marble, glass, limestone, or brass because they belong to collections of luxurious brands from France and the USA. Such sculptures and statuettes can tell the story, reflect your mood or position in important question, or they simply can be a decoration that naturally complements the look of the room. And it shows your refined taste.

Most of the sculptures represented on our website demand many hours of work which means every order will be shipped only according to the time-frame indicated by the manufacturer as it’s a rare case when the statuettes or sculptures are manufactured already. They are sold out most of the time. We will deliver every item you purchase for free.

Author’s sculptures

Tom Corbin, a designer from the USA, creates incredibly elegant sculptures and statuettes of cast bronze. His fantasy gives life to a diverse range of images all united by the same feature: the only material he uses is bronze. Check some names to get an idea of what kind of decoration you may possess:

  • plant motifs in Botanica, Circle study, Flower study, or Cinque flori;
  • animals of all species: Calf, Bear, Bull, Roxy study, Good kitty, Bronze bunny, Turtle, Lion, Panther, and others;
  • human-being in the sculptures Dance moderne, Woman at the center, Renaissance man, Little Black Dress, Woman with a child, Horse and a rider, Dancer’s bust, etc.;
  • abstract elements in The Trudi, Luna, Treforma, and Face abstract;

Silhouettes of limestone

Christopher Guy is another manufacturer from the USA whose sculptures and silhouettes are especially popular in the luxury niche. They differ with a laconic but natural design thanks to the material they are made of  - the limestone. Favorite images of Christopher Guy are the animals captured in the most exquisite poses. He creates most of the sculptures in the animalistic design.

  • domestic animals like dogs, cats, and goats;
  • wild animals: panther, antelope, or bear;
  • humans in classic postures some of which are made of bronze;

French classic

Such brands like Baccarat, Charles Paris, Josepha, and Paul Beckrich create elegant almost weightless sculptures of crystal and painted bronze. Josepha is known for her gorgeous female silhouettes in bronze always dressed up in exotic or extravagant gowns. Baccarat does not change its tradition to create masterpieces of handcrafted crystal. Charles Paris suggests abstract sculpture Homme Cosmos painting in up to 29 finishes.

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