La Murrina

History of La Murrina

Founded in the year 1974, La Murrina‘s history actually goes back into the 60s. Prior to the company‘s establishment, a small group of master glassblowers was managing a furnace at Murano which would become La Murrina, already producing precious objects there before a family from Milan took ownership of the factory and set up the brand.

Thanks to the family‘s experience in the manufacture of lighting with both glass and metal as the key materials, what would come to be La Murrina‘s trade mark was already on the horizon. Subsequently, the company began to gain momentum as the new management opened La Murrina towards the international market, launching a worldwide marketing campaign and successfully distributing its collections to customers all around the globe.

In keeping up with newcoming trends and customer demands, La Murrina decided to augment its production capacity, which was the factory at Murano until then, by building a plant for metal and electric components at Turate in Como, to also house the company‘s headquarters. As of today, La Murrina still runs both facilities at Turate and Murano.

2000 saw the company‘s very first collaboration effort, now engaging renowned architects and designers to realize a collection of contemporary products made with Murano based traditional glassmaking techniques, a forward-moving strategy La Murrina pursues to this very day.

La Murrina: Authentic Murano Products for the Present-Day World

The distinguishing quality of La Murrina‘s production among Murano glass manufacturers can be easily found in its use of modern, innovatory materials such as metal and LED components. In this way, traditional craftsmanship, of Murano heritage at that, is applied to the production of lighting that is authentically handmade Italian, yet also up-to-date and truly one of a kind. So it is no wonder to see that La Murrina products are in high demand internationally, sucessfully selling to both private customers and contractors in retail, tourism, gastronomy and othes.

La Murrina has thus not only managed to put up a thriving production, but to also built up expertise in solving the various logistical problems of having to supply a global customer base. And to always stay ahead, La Murrina has a research and development unit where experiments are undertaken and prototypes are put under various conditions to evaluate their perfromance.

La Murrina‘s Masterpieces of Glassblowing and Lighting Design

The product range offered by La Murrina includes indoor lighting (pendants, chandeliers, ceiling lamps, wall lights, floor lamps and table lamps), statuettes and scultpures, décor objects such as vases, and tableware such as centrepieces.

When it comes to La Murrina, it is hard to pick out a highlight, since each of the lights and other objects is truly an astounding piece. To provide an example, there is the Caracalla chandelier – featuring a Topaz granigliato finish and matted gold metal structure, this chandelier is made up of plaited hand-blown glass leaves with carved surfaces. With three such segments, it resembles both a floral shape and a fountain, having been left free of more typical Venetian ornamentation to allow more room for the beauty that lies in simplicity and clean lines.

Looking further, one discovers the Veneziani lights, chandeliers and wall lamps in the traditional delicate, filigree designs which are visually augmented by the use of multicoloured glass, making objects of a beauty that is magical and dreamlike.

La Murrina‘s production is not limited to light ing, there are also wonderful objects to be obtained in the other categories, such as the Mambo vase representing La Murrina‘s contemporary collection. Coming in a dented shape reminding of its hand-blown origin, this marvellous contemporary design entraps the viewer by its bright colour scheme and vigorous patterns alike.

La Murrina

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La Murrina
We carry all products by this brand.
If you are not able to find a certain product in our shop or would like an individual quotation, please send us an enquiry.
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