Designer and Luxury Serveware, Centerpieces & Trays

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    • Raynaud / Coffee Pot / Tresor 0552-37-430010

    Raynaud / Coffee Pot / Tresor 0552-37-430010

    By Raynaud
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    incl. VAT
    • Archeo Venice Design / Fresh fruit stand 3 tiers / PT3.03

    Archeo Venice Design / Fresh fruit stand 3 tiers / PT3.03

    By Archeo Venice Design
    incl. VAT
    incl. VAT
    Ships within 3 to 4 weeks
    • Archeo Venice Design / Fresh fruit stand 2 tiers / PT3.02

    Archeo Venice Design / Fresh fruit stand 2 tiers / PT3.02

    By Archeo Venice Design
    incl. VAT
    incl. VAT
    Ships within 3 to 4 weeks
    • Baccarat / Caviar Set / Abysse 2604136

    Baccarat / Caviar Set / Abysse 2604136

    By Baccarat
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    Ships within 2 to 3 weeks
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Serveware, Centerpieces & Trays

Serveware, centerpieces, and trays crafted of porcelain and crystals by luxurious brands

The dining room is not about luxurious furniture and exclusive lighting only. It’s about the mood and elegance of every single element we need to organize our comfort. Serveware like elegant pot, fruit stands, trays, caviar set, or champagne glasses are important when we host guests or simply want to surround our daily life with splendid and exclusive things. They do not serve as a decoration but are on high demand for almost every dinner. We represent the exclusive items to add luxury and elegance to your dinner table. Every item will be delivered for free and in the shortest terms.

Exclusive pieces for the deserts

Fruits are a traditional type of desert almost in every dining room. Archeo Venice Design, an Italian brand, is known as an expert in the question of exceptional tableware and serveware. Their collection “Upstands” includes two and three-layer fresh fruit stands in Murano glass. The surface of the trays is decorated by the flower patterns. Every piece of handcrafted and adjust to the metal base in the antique gold finish and crowned with an elegant flower. Such stands look perfect in the Classic, Venetian, Baroque, and even Contemporary style.

Caviar set of crystal

Baccarat, a French-American brand, with a rich history is perfect in the question of impressive tableware. Their caviar set becomes a true decoration of the dinner table and a reason for your guests to express their admiration. The caviar set consists of the huge tray and 9 tiny glasses around the oval bowl in the center. Every piece is made of crystal in its iconic clear finish. Complement this set by the champagne glasses from the same collection “Harcourt” or choose another one from the portfolio of this manufacturer to reach the stunning effect.

The porcelain pieces

French brand Raynaud represents exclusive collections of decoration, tableware, and serveware, solely made of porcelain. One of the most delicate and luxurious solutions is for the coffee pot. Unlikely, there is a more elegant coffee pot in the whole world. Their collection “Tresor Orange” includes several items for a perfect tea party. The coffee pot and the oval dish are handmade of porcelain and decorated by the geometric patterns painted in soft orange. White handle and golden finish of the top add the inimitable elegance to these pieces. Despite being made of porcelain the whole collection is easy to clean in the dishwasher.

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