Vaughan Designs Lighting: Harmony of Aesthetics, Elegance, and Sophistication

Vaughan was founded in 1983 by artist designers Lucy and Michael Vaughan, a married couple based in London. Their goal was to supply the interior design market with highly demanded stylish and classical lighting which would meet the highest standards of quality and suit various kinds of spaces.

Michael Vaughan, an artist, and Lucy Vaughan, having previously worked on the restoration of ceramics, began by gathering their shared experience in order to launch an antiques business. It is then that they realized how much lighting was missing in the London market and had the brilliant idea to fill that niche.

Since then, their business has undergone considerable growth for several decades, now also covering decorative goods such as furniture, fabric and needlework in addition to lighting. Given this rapid expansion, the company nevertheless continues to achieve its main goal of manufacturing according to its high standards of craftsmanship, beauty and authenticity. Vaughan keeps innovating its products at a high rate, introducing new products in large numbers every year, many of which are based on existing designs having proven themselves to succeed in perfectly satisfying customers‘ needs. 

Vaughan‘s philosophy has its roots in tradition. Taking inspiration from antiques and traditional goods, the company began by creating classic designs. When London and the European market shifted towards contemporary styles, Vaughan decided to adapt its products to make them suitable for contemporary interiors.

Vaughan‘s own factories are located in London and Hampshire, employing around 80 craftsmen who are absolute masters at what they do. Some of their other craftsmen are found internationally.

The materials and components used for Vaughan‘s products are sourced locally as well as worldwide, with the assembly of all the parts taking place in England, which is the centre of Vaughan‘s manufacturing process.

Remarkably, the unique and very limited-edition products of Vaughan are available in sizable quantities. This is only possible thanks to the highly skilled craftsmanship. 

Despite the company‘s traditional and antiques background, there is a very broad range of products seamlessly fitting into a modern environment. It may be one of the most remarkable features of Vaughan‘s design: Its aesthetics are highly adaptable to different styles of interior, reflecting the needs and demand of the company‘s core customers, who are interior designers.

Among the materials used for Vaughan‘s beautiful table lamps are crystal and glass (a favourite of Michael Vaughan), brass bronze and nickel, alabaster, wood and tole, as well as ceramic. The product range includes floor lamps, wall lights (interior, exterior, swing arm, uplighters, bathroom and picture lights) and ceiling lights (chandeliers, lanterns, globes and bowls, flush fittings etc) 

Why Choose Products by Vaughan over Other Brands?

Let’s see which special features this brand has and what advantages a customer will get:

-  High quality. The first and probably the most meaningful advantage of the collections by Vaughan is the unbeatable level of their quality. All the items are produced in Great Britain using the best technologies and materials;

- Reliability. Another significant factor is reliability, which is never lacking in the Vaughan collections due to following all necessary technical instructions and using durable materials;

- Focus on customers. All Vaughan products are made taking into consideration preferences, likes and dislikes of their future owners, thus customers will always receive exactly what they need and want to have. Other important components of Vaughan’s success include: A highly qualified team of engineers and other skilled workers, apart from designers themselves; Independent crafters who are always able to estimate the quality of each product impartially;

- A wide range of styles and shapes;

- A modern or contemporary style combined with traditional and classic elements;

- Aesthetics of every detail.

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We carry all products by this brand.
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Vaughan Sudbury Wall Light
B. Allam (Australia)
The Vaughan Sudbury sconces arrived and working, they look fantastic thank you.
The chandelier was delivered fine. Good customer service.
Moooi / Heracleum II Small / Suspended LED Lamp
Patrick H. (Austria)
Mein Lieblingsstück. Immer wieder gern.
The Preciosa chandelier is perfect in our living room. Order was delivered intact. Pleased with fixture ordered and service.
Vibia / Cosmos / Hanging lamp / 2511
Dejan L. (Bulgaria)
Dears, I have received the Vibia lamp this morning.Great thanks to Mrs. Helga and the whole team. Very much appreciated! With kind regards.
Willowlamp Chandelier Flower of Life
Familie G. S. (Netherlands)
Der herrliche Leuchter hängt jetzt an seinem Bestimmungsort. Sowohl die Bestellung als auch die Lieferung /der Transport haben einwandfrei funktioniert! Wir sind sehr zufrieden mit Ihrer Dienstleistung. Grüße aus den Niederlanden.
I was delighted to find a square table lamp on this website. The lamp is exactly what I wanted. Good company.
Mariner / Torchiere / 18531
B. Bl. (Germany)
Nun ist die Zustellung erfolgt. Die Leuchten sind da. Hinsichtlich der Verpackung gab es nichts zu beanstanden. Die Leuchten sind wohlbehalten eingetroffen. Die Leuchten: Alles ok. Ich möchte mich bei Ihnen gern noch einmal melden. Ich bedanke mich und wünsche Ihnen bis dahin alles Gute und Gesundheit.
Vaughan Table Lamp Chablais TC0052.XX
Anneli B. (Helsinki, Finland)
Staff was able to answer all of my questions. The price was comparable to other retailers, and I used a discount code online. The lamp was delivered to our home via FedEx. The product purchase met my needs, I am satisfied.
Vaughan Designs Zurich Frame Lantern CL0111.BR
N. Van Ansiker (Netherlands)
Customer service is excellent. Thanks a lot to do a special rod length for free. I was worried about the delivery, because plafonds are fragile, but everything came undamaged.

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