Vaughan / Wall Lamp / Marlow WA0266.BR & WA0266.NI

Brand origin country England
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Vaughan / Wall Lamp / Marlow WA0266.BR & WA0266.NI
Vaughan / Wall Lamp / Marlow WA0266.BR & WA0266.NI
By Vaughan
Collection Marlow (Wall Lights)
Made in England
Lampshade colour:
Supply Voltage:
Metal / Fabric or Card
Dimensions (HxWxD): cm.: 32.8 x 28 x 14 / inch.: 12.9" x 11" x 5.5"
SKU: WA0266

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Product details

Inspired by the 1940s golden age of glamour, this wall light is modern in style. The arms gracefully meet the backplate and complement the decorative candle cups and distinctive square crystal bobeche detailing.

Exquisitely engineered, the Marlow Wall Light is fabricated from solid cast brass and combines an antique brass finish with a bronze finish on the backplate. The square crystal bobeche detailing creates an authentic 1940s look.

Available with a brass or nickel finish.

Vaughan Marlow art. WA0266.BR:

Brass finish

Vaughan Marlow art. WA0266.NI:

Nickel finish

Bulb Specification
Bulb Base E14 Candelabra Base
Max Wattage 40W
Bulb Supplied No
Vaughan Recommends LED/2700K/500 lm

For a brighter light, a bulb with a higher lumen output can be used.

Weight 1 kg / 2.20 Ibs.

More Information
Dimensions (HxWxD):cm.: 32.8 x 28 x 14 / inch.: 12.9" x 11" x 5.5"
Bulb Qty.:2
Material:Metal / Fabric or Card
  • WA0266

About Manufacturer


Vaughan: A Leading Home Decoration Designer

Vaughan Ltd. was established almost 35 years ago, and today, it is one of the most famous designers in the world. It offers a range of wonderful products for indoor and outdoor decorative lighting, furniture and house as well as hotel accessories. Michael and Lucy Vaughan, the founders of this brand, have a great love for details, which undoubtedly helps create a unique atmosphere inside your home using exclusively designed decorations. 

Why Choose Products by Vaughan over Other Brands?

Let’s see which special features this brand has and what advantages a customer will get if he or she chooses it: 

  • High quality. The first and probably the most meaningful advantage of the collections by Vaughan is the unbeatable level of their quality. All the items are produced in Great Britain using the best technologies and materials;
  • Reliability. Another significant factor is reliability, which is never lacking in the Vaughan collections due to following all necessary technical instructions and using durable materials like solid brass for lamps’ bases while lamps themselves are usually made of glass, for example;
  • Focus on customers. All Vaughan products are made taking into consideration preferences, likes and dislikes of their future owners, thus customers will always receive exactly what they need and want to have.

Other important components of Vaughan’s success include:

  • A highly qualified team of engineers and other skilled workers, apart from designers themselves;
  • Independent crafters who are always able to estimate the quality of each product impartially;
  • A wide range of styles and shapes, including square and rectangle to provide a great choice of options for everyone;
  • A modern or contemporary style combined with traditional and classic elements;
  • Aesthetics of every detail.

What Is the Price?

While looking for something to buy, everyone finds absolutely different prices for seemingly similar things, and the products related to house decorations and design aren’t an exception. This happens because there may be a significant difference between items that look in the same way. They come at different prices because of the differences in the quality of materials, the amount of resources spent, the level of brand awareness, and, of course, based on the estimations by experts.

So, the prices for brand products may be higher than for items that you can find at a less known store. Here you should understand that you pay for reliability because the quality items by Vaughan that some people may consider expensive will serve you for many years while a cheaper product from another shop will require being replaced in just a few years after buying it.
Another important thing is whether you buy a brand product from official dealers and manufacturers or from not official ones because in the case, you will enjoy better value for money.   

What about Delivery?

Talking about official distributors, it is worth mentioning that most of them have a really convenient shipping policy and security services. For example, they cover all costs for shipping and provide insurance for goods which you would like to purchase. Considering the fact that most customers prefer shopping online, almost every distributor has own webpage with a wide choice of goods, including beautiful Vaughan products. Such websites usually have reliable security systems that provide the fullest confidentiality and the highest level of safety for customers.

All in all, Vaughan continues to attract attention of thousands of people all over the world, willing to create an elegant and exclusive atmosphere in every room of their house, whether it is kitchen or bathroom or any other. So, if you are among them, you can always ask for help from one of Vaughan’s official distributors like Select Interior World to fulfill your wonderful ideas by choosing the best decor elements among the endless impressive options.

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Collection "Marlow (Wall Lights)" by Vaughan

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