Lighting & Voltage

Lighting Fixtures and Electric Voltage

On our website  we present original lighting fixtures made in Western Europe and the US by well-known, certified manufacturers.

The lighting fixtures vary in electric voltage (volts):

  • For countries with an electrical network of 100-120 volts: USA, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong etc.


  • For countries with an electrical network of 220-230 V or 240 volts: Europa, United Kingdom, Australia, Middle East etc.

The electric voltage (volts) available for sale can be viewed and selected on a product page (lighting fixtures):

Choose the electric voltage (volts)

  • 100 -120 volts (for use in the USA, Canada etc.)


  • 220-230 volts ( for use in Europe, UK, Australia, Hong Kong etc.)

Some products can only be manufactured for particular electric voltage.

  • In such cases, a product page (lighting fixtures) will display the only available electric voltage (volts) option for the item.

The selected electric voltage (volts) is shown on the Order Cart page and will also be displayed at checkout.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service:

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