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    • Dialma Brown / Mirror with clock / DB002453

    Dialma Brown / Mirror with clock / DB002453

    By Dialma Brown
    incl. VAT
    incl. VAT
    Ships within 2 to 4 weeks
    • Dialma Brown / Mirror with clock / DB002758

    Dialma Brown / Mirror with clock / DB002758

    By Dialma Brown
    incl. VAT
    incl. VAT
    Ships within 2 to 4 weeks
    • Robers / Big Wall Clock / B 8708

    Robers / Big Wall Clock / B 8708

    By Robers
    incl. VAT
    incl. VAT
    Ships within 6 to 8 weeks
    Finish: 10 options
    • Fratelli Tosi / Pendulum clock / 1038

    Fratelli Tosi / Pendulum clock / 1038

    By Fratelli Tosi
    incl. VAT
    incl. VAT
    Ships within 5-7 weeks
    • Fratelli Tosi / Pendulum / 1048

    Fratelli Tosi / Pendulum / 1048

    By Fratelli Tosi
    incl. VAT
    incl. VAT
    Ships within 5-7 weeks
    • Christopher Guy / Mosaic / 46-0138

    Christopher Guy / Mosaic / 46-0138

    By Christopher Guy
    Check the price
    Ships within 16 to 17 weeks
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Elegant chic by the exclusive designers from Italy, the USA, and Germany

Every interior design has a finished look when it’s decorated with unique elements. Walls can’t remain empty when you want to get a truly sophisticated design. It’s often to not easy to find some exceptional decoration that will perfectly suit the room, the mood, your personal vision, and for sure distinct among others. Especially when it’s about clocks, such an ordinary and necessary element in every home. That’s why we found the most exclusive ideas in the collections by Italian, German, and American designers that will add that same touch of splendor and elegant chic. Be confident that every order you will purchase will be delivered for free.

Mirror with Clock

Italian brand Dialma Brown suggests combining two elements in one and created an exclusive mirror with a clock. This is a rare idea to find in the luxurious category. The first solution comes in a rectangular shape of the mirror with a clock on the top. The whole body of the clock and mirror is made in wood with their iconic Black pickled lacquer finish. The mirror is huge, so it will demand enough space on the wall. The best idea is to put it on the floor in front of the most magnificent piece of furniture to enjoy its view all the time.

The second solution is a smart construction of several parts: 3 clocks and 3 mirrors of round shape around the central mirror. Every piece is made of wood with the same Black pickled lacquer finish.

Big Wall Clock

The huge wall clock in the Industrial style is made by the Robers, a family German manufacturer. Their collections are all made of steel processed in different ways: their furniture, lighting, and also decorative elements. This big round clock of steel is available in up to 10 options depending on your preferences: from brass antique to iron rusty, old copper, and others.

Pendulum clock

Pure luxury in the traditional Venetian style is represented by Fratelli Tosi, a famous Italian brand that keeps the traditions of working with Murano glass. Their wall clocks suit the Classic or Venetian style of the interior design. Big rectangular shape, fully made of crystal, handcrafted from the body to the engraving. Choose between two variants which differ by size, the shape of the pendulum, and the additional decorative elements.


Christopher Guy, a designer from the USA, creates a gorgeous mosaic based on the painting by famous Austrian artists Gustav Klimt. It’s an installation of 8 pieces where each is made of glass mosaics, assembled and painted by hand. Such beauty is available exclusively on our website.

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