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Wall Sconces

Wall lights for the bedroom

Lamps for the bedroom with a location on the wall is a convenient way to create economical spot lighting above the bed, desk, mirror or reading chair. In our store you can buy designer wall lights from leading brands in Italy, USA, Czech Republic, Great Britain, France, Spain, as well as German, Danish and Portuguese models of traditional and modern style.

Enthusiastic about the classic luxury products of Glass & Glass Murano, Mariner, Dialma Brown, Italamp, pay attention to the most original wall lamps that go beyond the usual ideas of candelabra or sconces. Crystal rain, cobra skin or deer horns on the wall will certainly create a romantic mood for you and your soulmate, like a sconce in the form of carved glass goblets or flower vases.

Traditional wall lights with crystal pendants and decorative elements are made of Bohemian glass, and this is Preciosa chandelier from the Czech Republic. Duble-candled classics is created for those who don’t even want to think about the present century, in which, it would seem, is nothing good, except for cube and bubble Vibia lamps or bronze Terzani Waba bandages. Nevertheless, Prandina's extremely laconic products show how elegant and unpretentious a high-tech item can be, even like a lamp made out by a curious child.

Fratelli Tosi Venetian lamps fit perfectly into the style where the mirrors on dressers and console tables are combined with lamps from the Italian Renaissance. The elaborate Murano glass pieces by La Murrina and the Chinese improvisations by Archeo Venice Design make your choice far more intriguing than you might have imagined.

Rustic Corbin Bronze style is a real surprise for those who like the solid monumentality of North American design. The more delicate Moretti Luce lines with a focus on the traditional bulb geometry are the matter of taste, probably preferring expensive simplicity underlined by the textured luxury of elite materials.

In our store you’ll certainly find at least one model of the bedroom wall lamp, superior to other unique models with something unusual. It can be a rustic French Baroque stylization made by hand from brightly gilded or patinated bronze with floral motifs. However, when ikebans made of precious metals leave a light shade of understatement on your soul, then you have something to prove your impressions of in your interior with the help of Moretti Luce, Preciosa round lamp buttons or Luxxu dumbbell lamp from sunny Portugal.

The choice of wall lights for the bedroom in our store is so great that you can find lamps for various purposes. These are lamps for installation on both sides of the bed or above its center, to the right and to the left of the mirror, above the elegant console bureau table or armchair and coffee table, at which you like to meet sunrises and sunsets. The urban industry of the modest, at first glance, Moretti Luce sconce will fill your bedroom with antique notes that can be seen in all Italian-made bronze and brass products. And even if this is improvisation on the elementary geometry theme, Moretti Luce is unlikely to surpass anyone else in it.

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Preciosa Egmont Wall Lamp Art. WS 5519/00/002 - 2 pcs.
Erich R. (Germany)
Tolle Wandleuchten. Der Aufbau war nicht kompliziert. Die Herstellung dauerte 2 Monate, aber die Wartezeit hat sich gelohnt.
Vaughan Designs Carrick Leaf Wall Light 2 pcs
Elisabeth H. (New York, USA)
Love the wall lamps I got from you. Overall the experience was good. Thank you!

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