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Luxurious lanterns in classic or contemporary style for a decent price

Lanterns have become an integral part of the lighting collections. If you still think that this type of lighting is only for external use and can serve and decorate your patio or garden, then it’s time to take a look at the luxurious lanterns in the collections of the famous brand. We represent the most refined and unique ideas, create helpful filters for you to ease choice. Lanterns are divided by their types: pendant or suspension lamps and floor lamps depending on the purpose. We will deliver any item from our website for free and as early as possible.

Pendant lanterns

Pendant lanterns are the most numerous type among all. They seize all the interior design styles. The best idea to choose a needed lamp is to learn about its manufacturer. For instance, Italian brand Estro is well known for its unique skill to combine classic and contemporary styles in one. Designers use metal for the base and glass for the lampshade but can make them different. The metal gets a special finish such an aged brass and is richly decorated by ornamental elements. As a result, we see a perfect luxurious lantern in an inimitable manner.
Moretti Luce builds its collections in the Industrial and Urban style with Nautical and Contemporary touch. It’s easy to notice those features in the classic for the shapes of the naval ships of lamps complemented with a vintage finish for the base.
Mariner is a pure luxury as these designers work within Classic and Venetian style worth the royal palaces. One of the most popular and significant collections - Royal Heritage - brought this brand huge fame.


Looking for the classic but uncommon solution for the lantern to decorate the kitchen or the hall? Learn the lamps of the English manufacturer Vaughan. The transparent glass looks simple but under the dome, you find a candelabra-style holder decorated with metal elements in gilt or silver finish. Such lanterns are provided for at least three bulbs.
Boyd, the brand from the USA, creates lanterns in Contemporary style using copper and glass, playing with finishes, and adding acrylic lampshade all matte but with decorative elements.
Fine Art Lamps brings us back to the times of Medieval kings and queens with their perfect handpainted lanterns of wood, metal, and glass. They always a complicated combination of the eye-catching elements.

Lantern LED lamp

LED lamps in classic style? That’s a challenging mixture that makes designers work hard to show us elegant solutions. The best ones in this category are Willowlamp and Vaughan. Willowlamp is a manufacturer that never stops surprising with the shapes. Their LED lanterns follow the general collection of lamps and get those cosmic shapes reminding the jellyfish or some other alien creatures.
Vaughan is perfect when working in Classic style with the elements of Contemporary one: always lightweight, of light colors, often in clear glass, these lanterns attract attention with their luxurious simplicity. But lanterns by Vaughan can be different as well which shows the broad interests of the designers in art: how about a shining ball in metal decorated with carving?

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