Designer and Luxury Nickel Picture Lights

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    • Vaughan / Picture Light / WA0147.NI

    Vaughan / Picture Light / WA0147.NI

    By Vaughan
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    Ships within 7 to 9 weeks
    Supply Voltage: 1 options
    • Vaughan / Picture LED Lamp / Nicholson WA0259.NI
    • Vaughan / Picture LED Lamp / Nicholson WA0259.NI

    Vaughan / Picture LED Lamp / Nicholson WA0259.NI

    By Vaughan
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    Ships within 7 to 9 weeks
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    Supply Voltage: 2 options
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Picture Lights

The elegant picture lights to serve for the functional and aesthetical goals by luxury brands

Picture lights have one main goal - to highlight the object they are attached above. But it does not mean that they do not need a special design. After all, when the picture, the photo, or an object of art deserves your attention the whole impressions should not be spoiled by a tasteless lamp that directs the light right on it. Italian and English designers know how to create perfect picture lighting that both does not attract too much attention but when you raise your glance you see an elegant lamp that becomes a part of the whole interior design. Choose the perfect item for your room and we will deliver it as soon as possible without any additional fee.

Picture wall lamps

No need to define the style of this type of lighting. The finish of the metal body gives the whole information about the lamp.

  • Italian brand Estro includes picture lights into several collections. Hence, they differ by design a little, a number of adjustments, and the direction of light. “London” collection consists of picture lights in brass for the base, strict geometrical shapes, chrome, and dark bronze finish; “Arkab” suits the Classic style of interior design due to the aged brass and polished brass finish of the body, comes with one or two adjustments; “Tabar” line is perfect for both Contemporary and Classic interior design with its soft lines and polished brass finish of the base
  • English brand Vaughan is known for its pure love for elegance and deep understanding of how to create a refined design. It’s fully embodied in their collection “Piper”: made of solid brass in the long tubular shape with nickel or gilt finish these lamps should be adjusted strictly to the vertical surfaces
  • Moretti Luce completes its collections in the Nautical and Industrial style by the picture light made in the same manner. “Taverna” is a line that describes marine life at best: base in brassware in aged brass, brass burnish, and dark burnished brass finish

Picture LED lamps

Not all designers provide their picture lights with the LED bulb. However, if you are looking for the newest technologies known for their energy efficiency take into account that Vaughan and Estro are two brands that can meet your requests.

  1. Vaughan creates a whole collection with LED technology in their traditional aristocratic and humble manner: no decorative elements but strictly clear lines with the rounded sides. “Elmdon” is a collection with softer lines and the base in three classic finishes - brass, nickel, bronze, provided with 2 LED bulbs. One more idea you will find in their line “Hinstock” whose design is perfect for the objects of art in the Modern or Contemporary style: solid cast brass in brass, nickel, and bronze finish all polished
  2. Estro represents collection “Vela” with Contemporary-style lamps fully made of brass in a matte black nickel finish
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