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    • Italamp / Pendant LAD Lamp / 2296/L5

    Italamp / Pendant LAD Lamp / 2296/L5

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LED Ceiling Lights

Discreet classic or hyperbolical luxury in LED ceiling lights by the best brands

Designers have started to provide their lamps of all styles with LED technology. Now we have the Classic-style chandelier with crystals, the Art Deco ceiling lamps, and even Venetian lamps with LED bulbs. The list of ideas is so long that sometimes it’s hard to select the perfect one. These lamps made of alabaster, aluminum, cotton, brass, and other types of materials including their combinations. We created special filters for all those who are in search of a LED ceiling light: by designer, by style, by country of origin, or even by the material and finish. Make a choice and we will deliver the lamp as quickly as possible.

Classic and Traditional

The Italian manufacturer Terzani is known as one of the most skilled in the question of the Classic-style lamps. Its LED ceiling lamps usually give cool light due to the material for the lampshade: most of the lamps are of metal, glass, or crystal. As a result, when reflecting the light is falling with cool-toned shades. The design of such lamps is on the edge between the classic and contemporary. However, if your interior design does not accept cool tones of the light then check the suspension LED lamp from their collection “Atlantis” as it’s represented in several options including the golden finish.

Italamp is one more manufacturer from Italy whose DNA is to know everything about classic designs. Literally, there is nothing more classic than their LED ceiling lamps in glass and crystals with regular and traditional shapes. In this case, the texture matters above all.

Boyd is one of the most famous brands from the USA whose collections are claimed to be the most diverse and luxurious of all the time. A candelabra-style chandelier or classic ceiling lamp with up to 20 bulbs, painted in different finishes and made of the especially big range of materials.


Contemporary style in LED ceiling lamps is diverse: from the clean and pure lines in the lamps by Prandina, an elegant game of lights from crystals so much loved by Terzani up to geometric shapes and several layers in the pendant lamps by Vibia. Italamp stands aside with their LED ceiling lamp from the “Rose” collection: three lampshades reminded the closed rosebud are hanging on the long ropes. Choose the finish in rose, gold, shiny titanium, or transparent. 

Artemide, a brand from Italy impresses with the ideas: their LED ceiling lamps “LEd Net circle” are made of metal plus methacrylate while “Spectral light” is something from the alien world but in reality, they are 12 wavelengths of different colors which symbolize the creates living on Earth. It’s exactly what we say “Better to see once than hear a hundred times”. 

Art Deco and Art Nouveau

Art Deco and Art Nouveau are two styles that were born within the modern style of interior design. They have a lot in common differing only by the level of drama and exaggeration. American brand Boyd decorate the metal base of its chandeliers with LED technology, Terzani prefers to use brass wires only to build their lamps in the “Doodle” collection while Moretti Luce chooses unordinary strategy (unordinary for themselves): their lampshades are painted in white, green or amber while the metal base is still in retro style. 

Art Nouveau LED ceiling lamps are represented by De Majo on our website. No chance to distinguish only one or two lamps as they all are the objects of art, nothing less. Floral ornaments, flowers-like lampshades, and intensive and deep colors - simply take a look at them.

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