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History of Arturo Álvarez

Arturo Álvarez is defined by its creator of the same name. Born in the year 1964 in Spain‘s Pontevedra, he demonstrated affluence in maintaining forms and light in the pursuit of making light ing that would achieve remarkable staging and scenic effects in their surrounding spaces right from the start. This is underscored by his relentless efforts to continue to discover new ways of expression to this very day, imbuing his work with a strong personality and unique sense of style.

The beginning of the 90s mark Arturo Ávarez‘ dedication to flat glass, acquiring production methods for stained glass and studying Tiffany‘s lamp making. This leads him to the creation of luminaires with elements of Art Deco and Art Nouveau, combining traditional techniques with a modern style. Eventually, he begins to source his inspiration from the ideas devised by Bauhaus.

One can subdivide Arturo Álvarez‘ developmet into three distinct stages, the earliest of which is characterized by figurative concepts in the image of nature. In the second stage, an evolution towards higher abstraction takes place, which still maintains contact to the natural shapes dominating the first. Here, simple geometric shapes figure prominently and the female body assumes a central role, the study of which would continue for several years. As of now, Arturo Álvarez takes hold of light in its various relationships with humans, exploring the interplay between light, shadow and the human perspective.

The last decade also marks a new creative freedom acquired through the development and research aimed towards the production of his own materials. What can be seen is a repurposing of materials, taken out of their usual context and combined in a way that results in the development of something wholly new. This project is accompanied by the production of the now patented SIMTECH ® material with its translucent quality, allowing to be molded into various textures.

Arturo Álvarez: The Place of Lighting in a Natural Context

With a factory placed in the midst of the natural environment not far from the famous Spanish city Santiago de Compostela, the company has a rich source of inspiration right at its fingertips, characterizing the use of shapes and materials for its products.

The entirely handmade production reflects the company‘s philosophy of humans working close with objects, which is consolidated in the local tradition of craftsmanship the company draws its inspiration from. An Arturo Álvarez lamp has to fulfill its purpose of providing enjoyment to the human subject using it, explaining the important role that the attention to detail, right choice of materials and precious finishes have in the manufacturing process. This results in lamps with emotional quality that can be said to possess a distinctive personality.

The patented SIMTECH ® material has earned the company an Interior Design BEST OF YEAR award in 2014. Further achievements are a Good Design Award for the concepts of Gea and Fluo as well as a Ret Dot for the company‘s Guao. Its designs have also been exhibited at museums and galleries at key locations such as London, New York and Tokyo.

Arturo Álvarez: Modern Collections for Human Pleasure

The product assortment of Arturo Álvarez is made up of pendant lights, wall lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lamps and LED lights featured in delightful collections of contemporary design.

An exemplary piece is yielded by the awarded Fluo collection of pendant lamps. With a single light source at their centre, this remarkable light attracts the attention by the veils sourrounding them, which are fabricated from a mesh of galvanized painted steel. Bearing striking similarity to a fine tulle fabric, the central light points so gently covered simultaneously reveal themselves, introducing a play of alternation guiding the subject‘s emotions. The lightweight quality of this design was effortlessly incorporated into the largest chandelier of this collection.

In yet another category, one finds a wall light making use of the patented SIMTECH® material developed by the company. The Planum wall light has a flat design able to neatly cover walls, while its delicate relief patterns allow the light to diffuse smoothly. The soft, warm light emitted by these lamps is perfect to create an ambiance of natural brightness, demonstrating the skillful application of Arturo Álvarez‘ nature studies.

Arturo Alvarez

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Arturo Alvarez
We carry all products by this brand.
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