History of Delightfull

Ever since the Portuguese lighting company Delightfull was established by the end of 2007, it has been steadily and passionately working on the revival of the spirit of the mid-century modern era in design, albeit with a never seen before contemporary spin.

Delightfull is therefore a company which has set itself the goal to create present-day classics, drawing from the rich heritage of the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s, and combining it with the sophistication of a contemporary design language. Uniting first-class design with high-skilled craftsmanship, Delightfull presents lighting products which do not only stand out in terms of their practicality, but also win over with their soft charm and the expressive power carried by the strong emotions its devoted makers poured into every detail.

Delightfull‘s Dedication to Exceptionality in Design and Handcraft

Delightfull‘s philosophy is based upon the raw power of feeling and the way it can be translated through manual practice. In this manner, each lighting fixture of Delightfull is bestowed with character and sentiment, fitting perfectly into both vintage and modern interiors alike.

Delightfull selects iconic mid-century designs, timelessly stylish and elegant, and provides them with state-of-the-art finishes and materials. The young, vibrant and dynamic team of Delightfull, while taking inspiration from vintage pieces, is thus responsible for totally unique and novel designs. This is rounded off by the practical wisdom and solidified experience gathered from the vintage sources, which are carried on by the company‘s artisans and transferred onto each new creation.

Delightfull has the ambition to make products with soul – something that can only be accomplished if each of the manufactured objects can be said to possess a distinct personality, which in turn needs to be mediated in a gentle and dignified way to achieve resonance with its sophisticated customer base. Given the company‘s steady success rate and strong market presence, Delightfull has been managing to do this effectively.

Delightfull: Unique Mid-Century Inspired Pieces to Fill You with Delight

The Delightfull collections are comprised of suspension lamps, wall lights, table lamps, floor lamps and graphic lamps. There is a total of fifteen different families, which are often named after famous people, such as the Coltrane family of lights in honor of the jazz musician.

An undoubtedly ingenious design to be presented to the world by Delightfull is the Etta Round Lamp. Named after jazz vocalist Etta Jones, this pendant is composed of curved, manually applied brass leaves in gold-plated or nickel-plated finishes. The curved, stylish and elegant design of this marvellous light, which is also available in a chandelier version, was inspired by the equally glamorous and classy jazz singer, which is how this pendant received its feminine touch.

Another striking piece is the Atomic Suspension Lamp by Delightfull. Inspired by the retro sphere designs of the atomic age, this pendant brilliantly references the 20th century era on multiple levels, its asymmetric composition alluding to that of molecules, while it also showcases a beautiful glossy, abstract design which can stand on its own. It is created out of brass, steel and aluminium, there is a choice among seven finishes, among them a blue lacquered, white lacquered and black lacquered one with gold-plated or nickel-plated parts.


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