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History of Formagenda

This company was founded in 2008 by Benjamin Hopf in Munich. By that time, he had already gathered substantial experience and earned his reputation as an internationally acclaimed furniture and lighting designer for the „Büro für Form“ which he had launched together with his colleague Constantin Wortmann in 1999.

The premise behind Formagenda is the creation of designs appealing to emotion through their distinct personality, enabling people to build a very personal relationship with the objects of their living space.

Formagenda‘s vision has since taken shape, as the company was able to successfully relate their design concepts to an ever growing number of customers. Already in the same year the company was inaugurated, Formagenda‘s pendant Cohiba won the Design Plus Award. One year later, in 2009, Formagenda was nominated for the reputable German Design Award.

Formagenda: Clear Shapes for a Distinct Character

The language of forms employed by Formagenda is one of clear lines and precisely placed accents. Formagenda‘s goal is to create designs which do not bore with the dispassion of pure functionality or the monotony of common fashions. It is the company‘s strong belief that it is not necessary to clutter a design for it to attain recognition value and a special personality able to attract emotionally. Formagenda‘s skillful play with design elements is attuned to the hidden potentials lying in subtlety and simplicity of form.

In order to conceive an object of unmistakable quality, Formagenda places it into a wide network of associations, referencing past eras, design history or items of the fashion industry. In this way, a blend of the novel and familiar is achieved, evoking a sense of nostalgia vague enough to inspire imagination.

Not only does the company successfully demonstrate its skill and know-how in the area of design, but Formagenda is also manufacturer committed to the utmost quality standards. In a similar vein to its creation of designs characterized by individuality, it is Formagenda‘s ambition to apply the same principles in the manufacturing process, adding techniques of classical craftsmanship to avoid what would have been an impersonal mass procedure otherwise, so that the products can receive a personal touch in the production stage as well.

Formagenda‘s Evocative Handmade Lighting

In Formagenda‘s brilliant collections, one can find table lamps, suspension lamps, ceiling lights, standing floor lamps and various accessories, such as vases, ashtrays and mirrors.

One of its most outstanding creations is the Pearls LED chandelier, which was nominated for the German Design Award of 2017. Available in the colours gold and white, it is made up of different sized glass spheres, which are grouped into three modules. Given that the height of each module is adjustable, the chandelier can be configured in seemingly endless ways, each adding an individual note to the surrounding living area. And with its LED light sources, the Pearls chandelier is also dimmable, offering yet another opportunity for personalization.

A further example of Formagenda‘s notable designs is the Planet Earth suspension lamp, designed by Benjamin Hopf and Friedrich H. Sachs. Globular and modelled after our planet Earth, the continents can be made out as reliefs. Upon closer inspection, one will find that they are not simply drawn or engraved, but rather lift off the surface, having a velvety look that effectively contrasts with the glassy surface of the surrounding oceans. Planet Earth has a polyurethane diffusor equipped with an E27 lamp socket and a lacquered metal canopy. It is obtainable with a transparent cable of customizable length. Even when the lamp is off, it is highly decorative and combinable with interiors of both a modern and vintage or marine type.


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