1. Prices

The prices stated on our Website apply at the time of your order.

All prices indicated by the seller are final prices. Any possible additional delivery costs are specified separately in the Order Cart.

Final prices including (incl.VAT) or excluding (excl.VAT) the legal value added VAT available depend on the country of destination.Please refer to our "Duties & Taxes" for more details. 

2. Price on request & Quote Cart 

For some of the items on our website, prices are not displayed at the request of the producers. Such items are marked with "price on request". 

To view the prices for such items you can send a price request directly from the site on which the product is shown – you‘ll find the function in the block with a question mark on it – or in the ADD TO QUOTE CART, which allows you to place several items together with multiple price requests. 

If the price is saved in our system, you will get a quick reply from us via e-mail. In some cases, however, it can take several days to receive a confirmation for the price of the item from the producer, following which we will answer you promptly.

In our proposed price, which you get via e-mail, you will find a link  ADD TO ORDER CART which leads you to the Order Cart on our website where you can proceed with placing an order.

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