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History of Archeo Venice Design

Archeo Venice Design S.r.l. specializes in manufacturing classical Venetian style lightning. Founded in 1871 with the ambition to select designs from original Venetian museum pieces, focusing their attention on the art collection harbored by the Palazzo Fortuny in Venice, Archeo Venice Design‘s main challenge it set before itself was to adapt these museum piece designs to a contemporary context. Looking back at a rich history, Archeo Venice Design can be said to have doubtlessly succeeded in achieving this, owing to the results of a rigorous technological research, which has been patented.

The Spanish designer and Renaissance-man of art, Mariano Fortuny, born in 1871, was the first to come up with the idea of creating silk lampshades and invented a production technology specifically for it, his marvellous works inspiring Marcel Proust, Sarah Bernhardt and Isadora Duncan among others, has also become Archeo Venice Design‘s main source of inspiration. The original version of the Fortuny lamps being made of silk, Archeo Venice Design has decided to deviate from the original conception by using Murano Glass in its place. In this way, long-lasting usage, better lightning and functionality are made possible, while the beauty and delicacy of the original design is fully preserved.

Archeo Venice Design and Mariano Fortuny‘s Vision

The study of ancient ornaments, as well as Venetian and Oriental techniques allowed Fortuny to create collections of unique fabrics and patterns, thereby revolutionizing fashion. Following an encounter with Richard Wagner and his work, Mariano Fortuny, greatly impressed, began to work in theatre design, which lead to various experiments with stage lighting. One of his main realizations was that it is the quality of light, not its quantity, which matters the most in achieving the best illumination and required ambiance. To this day, Mariano Fortuny is known for his diffused light system, the principles behind which can be traced in Archeo Venice Design‘s lamps emitting a light which is soft on the eyes, bringing to mind the kind of pleasant atmosphere found in theatres.

Many of Fortuny‘s design ideas, abundant with oriental motifs and coming in fantastical shapes, were inspired by classical antiquity and immediate artistic encounters in the city of Venice. With a careful study of design patters having stood the test of time in terms of beauty, Fortuny managed to capture a timeless essence, his artistic vision now living on in the objects crafted by Archeo Venice Design, thus introducing it to an ever greater number of people.

Archeo Venice Design: Handmade Venetian Authenticity

Archeo Venice Design‘s lighting decorations are all meticuously hand-applied. In fact, all of Archeo Venice Design lamps are handmade, in accordance with a century-old Venetian tradition, rendering each piece entirely unique. The glass lamps are made with 20-carat-platinum and 24-carat-gold finishings, exuding nobility and elegance. The Murano glass used is hand-blown.

In addition to mirrors in chic frames and exquisite dishes, you can also find beautiful chandeliers with cone-shaped shades resembling a fountain (Fountain), multi tier chandeliers with dome shades, sconces with long tassels, elegant floor lamps echoing them, and many other unique products in the company’s assortment. Discs of chandeliers are made of metal with the help of laser technology. For the manufacture of frames and chains of fixtures, massive brass is used. Lantern-lamps assembled of geometric glass plates reflect light at different angles, creating a magical atmosphere. Hangers, cords and tassels made of silk, as well as beads of Murano glass, serve as a luxurious exotic decor. The height of the suspended fixtures is adjustable. For the plafonds, one can choose among soft or more vivid colors, satisfying a wide range of preferences.

Each product of Archeo Venice Design is covered with exquisite ornaments. Thanks to the new technologies, the ornaments created by Master Fortuny are allowed to fit perfectly on the glass. There are not only the ethnic patterns of ancient East and North Africa, but also ornaments inspired by the Italian Renaissance paintings.

Archeo Venice Design Aesthetic: Timeless Elegance with a Touch of the Exotic

The exclusively high quality materials used, combined with the delicate, filigree ornamental decorations and gentle colour schemes, make Archeo Venice Design‘s production suitable for a large variety of interior designs. Thanks to the timeless beauty and sophistication underscoring maestro Fortuny‘s vision, Archeo Venice Design products, inheriting its artistic quality while being leveled up to contemporary standards, can be placed as a luxury accent into a modern living space without any difficulty.

The elegant blend of Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Eastern influence is easily combined with modern European materials and furniture. Maghrebi inspired fixtures, lamps adorned with tassels featuring pendants with beaded elements and florally ornamented Murano glass lampshades (which can’t be visually distinguished from silk), all these serve as examples for what Archeo Venice Design stands for in terms of aesthetic achievement. The Fin de Siѐcle brought with itself many design components which would remain relevant and enthrall people to this very day.

Archeo Venice Design

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Archeo Venice Design
We carry all products by this brand.
If you are not able to find a certain product in our shop or would like an individual quotation, please send us an enquiry.
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