Boca do Lobo

History of Boca do Lobo

Launched as a furniture design company in Portugal‘s Rio Tinto by the designers Amândio Pereira and Ricardo Magalhães in the year 2005, this brand has successfully established itself as a serious player in the high-end furniture and lighting market in a short amount of time, participating in many shows and fairs as well as winning multiple awards in the process.

As of today, the company is a member of the MeninaDesign Group and runs a factory at Rio Tinto, which is about 20 kilometres to the North-East of Oporto where the company‘s head office can be found. A sister company of the lighting manufacturer Delightfull, Boca do Lobo skillfully combines traditional craftsmanship with latest technologies, brilliantly blending styles and production methods of different ages to come up with pieces of stunning beauty and long-lasting quality, which might as well be exhibited in a museum for future generations to see, as this company‘s furniture and lights can truly be considered art.

Boca de Lobo: Passion Translated Through Design and Craftsmanship

Through this company, Boca do Lobo‘s team wants to share with the world the gifts that Portugal has to offer: Skilled craftsmanship passed on by tradition, passion, dedication, love of detail and the unparalleled ability to touch upon emotions with each of its creations.

It is precisely this emotional language speaking through its pieces which sets Boca do Lobo apart. The goal of the Portuguese company is to arouse a unique, emotional experience along with a deep sense of belonging, evoking dreams and desires. The ability to relate its designs in profound, emotional terms owes to the special talent and sensitivity of Boca do Lobo‘s artisans. Many years of experience and a genuine passion for what they create has given these dedicated craftspeople a clear idea of what steps to undertake and how to arrange which elements in order to excite certain emotions and never cease to surprise.

In all of this, Boca do Lobo always remains committed to the pursuit of excellence, which was the company‘s overarching objective from the very beginning. Boca do Lobo has obliged itself to meet the utmost standards of a luxury brand operating on the international market, offering its customers prestige and top quality only. Continuously challenging itself to meet ever higher standards, Boca do Lobo is also striving for innovation in both technology and design, while its dedication to quality persists throughout all of its reinventions. This strong focus on quality is reflected by the company‘s fine choice of materials, whether it‘s the preciously finished metals, exquisite woods, noble fabrics or artfully hand-blown glass, it is clear that such breathtaking designs require the right choice of materials to be realized appropriately.

Boca do Lobo‘s Emotionally Seductive Masterpieces

Boca do Lobo presents five collections by the names Soho, Coolars, Limited Edition, Master Bedroom and Private Collection. The company offers both indoor lighting (i.e. pendant lights, floor lamps and table lamps) and furniture, such as various types of seating, tables and storage items.

No doubt, this company has countless products which would deserve to be highlighted, but the Heritage Sideboard from its Limited Edition collection is a straightforward choice. It is made up of different layers of tiles, which were hand-painted in styles of different Portuguese epochs, the paintings reproduced on the tiles being derived from actual historical buildings. With an enthralling exterior, the opened sideboard continues to captivate by an interior laid out with gold leaf. There, one will find a door and four drawers, along with two bronze glass shelves and wooden elements which are kept in a glossy white varnish.

In the lighting section of Boca do Lobo, one will stumble upon imaginative designs such as that of the Feel Table Lamp. The lamp‘s sculpted appearance is inspired by the form of minerals found in nature, with the silver leaf in emerald, lapis, amethyst or citrine shades and a high gloss varnish both alluding to crystals and giving this lamp a touch of the glamorous, which is completed by a silken lampshade. On the bottom, there is a polished stainless steel base, beautifully reflecting the vibrant colour of the lamp‘s body.

Boca do Lobo

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Boca do Lobo
We carry all products by this brand.
If you are not able to find a certain product in our shop or would like an individual quotation, please send us an enquiry.
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