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    • Mariner / Chandelier / ROYAL HERITAGE 20108

    Mariner / Chandelier / ROYAL HERITAGE 20108

    By Mariner
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    Ships within 13 to 15 weeks
    Finish: 2 options
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    • Mariner / Lantern / GALLERY: 20000
    • Mariner / Lantern / GALLERY: 20000

    Mariner / Lantern / GALLERY: 20000

    By Mariner
    incl. duties, handling
    excl. VAT
    Ships within 13 to 15 weeks
    Finish: 3 options
    Supply Voltage: 2 options
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Entry & Foyer

Foyer Lighting and Hallway Furnishings

The entry foyer is the first where you or your guests relax before entering the room. The foyer area differs from the living and other rooms by design points, as well as another space you visit day by day. In our store you can find furniture and lighting by projects of good-known designers from around the world. Elite furnishings, sophisticated accessories and elegant solutions for complex areas delight viewers who like an original and beautiful way to be.

Entry Foyer Lighting: Brands and Manufacturing Countries

There are several specific rules for the hallway or foyer design, and the first one of them is good lighting. Even if there are no windows in your hallway, you can illuminate space much better. Nowadays lamps are made by modern technologies, creating effects of daylight. In hallways with windows, retro bulb lamps look very natural, improved for energy saving and eye comfort.

The hallway luminaires presented in our store are produced in Italy, the USA, Spain, France and other countries leading in the lamp and accessories market. Fine Art Lamps, Italamp, Mariner, Vaughan, De Majo, Baccarat and La Murrina surprise with stylish models that match your ideas.

Hallway Lighting: Materials and Styles

The products of famous lighting brands that you see on our website are made of elite materials that combine reliability, and attractiveness. Lamps of brass, silver, bronze, glass and crystal are complemented by wood, ceramics, gold, textile and acrylic elements. The most impressive material for classic, traditional and modern style fixtures is Italian Murano glass from the island of Murano, the production center of unique colored glass in the Venetian lagoon.

In our catalog, lamps of the classical and original form are waiting for you, with abstract, geometric, teardrop-shaped and bowl forms. Traditional and modern chandeliers with Art Deco and Art Nouveau elements, lamps in an industrial and urban style or Venetian and rustic models created with brave honesty make your entry space unforgettably cozy.

Entry Foyer Furniture and Accessories

Interior hallways are unique because furniture minimalism is comfy to wait and go. It can be small sofas, benches with puffy upholstery, tables with a variety of leg and countertop shapes, cantilever tables and mirrors. In our store you can buy products of Christopher Guy, Dialma Brown, Jonathan Charles, Vaughan, Caracole, Archeo Venice Design and other brands known for their original approach to the design of luxury furniture for the hallway.

Sofas or armchairs are necessary to create a welcoming atmosphere. This is a convenient place for visitors who are going to walk by house, and the owners are very comfortable sitting on upholstered furniture for a short rest after a walk. Coffee and tea tables complete the lounge area. Modern ones are characterized by a wide variety of forms and the lack of a unified constructive approach. The original concept of the tabletop and the supporting part, non-standard technological solutions increase the stability, visual appeal and ergonomics.

In our store you can buy hallway tables of unique design made from dark and light wood, transparent and mirror glass or stainless steel with gilding. Rectangular or oval tabletops on asymmetric or cone-shaped legs are characteristics of the modernist style. Classic elements can be seen in bronze models with a round tabletop and pillar support.

Tabletops in the hallway are made of materials, whose beauty is emphasized by the visual design’s conciseness. This is transparent glass, wood compositions, metal and glass, polished oak and bronze, mirror glass of increased strength. Mirrors with an unusual shape and frame are foyer décor no less than paintings or drawings.

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