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History of Fabbian

The company Fabbian Illuminazione was started in 1961 in the Italian city Treviso with the goal to supply private and commercial projects with luxury handcrafted lighting fixtures. With strong roots in tradition as well as great expert knowledge, the company set out to meet the utmost in terms of standards for quality in both design and the materials chosen for the manufacturing process. Soon, Fabbian would advance to the position of a leading figure in the international high-end lighting market, demonstrating this company‘s successful strategies for advertisement and marketing alike, which could only have been developed thanks to a meticulous research of customer demands. In this manner, Fabbian has been able to firmly establish itself in the European, Middle Eastern and Asian markets, looking back on over 50 years of experience and a bright future ahead.

Today, Fabbian has its centre in the North East of Italy. All of the designs for its collections are devised and manufactured in-house. To achieve this, Fabbian maintains a 8500 sqm plant in Castelminio di Resana, in the Treviso province, which is operated according to the latest technical standards.

Fabbian: Effortless Sophistication Through State-Of-The-Art Technology

Fabbian stands for quality in all of the relevant areas: The production process involves latest technologies and reliable control systems to ensure that all standardized safety regulations are adhered to, earning Fabbian a UNI EN ISO 9001 certification. The same applies to the carefully selected materials, which results in certified products of lasting quality and functional integrity. And lastly, Fabbian stands for effortlessly beautiful designs, conceived by an international team of professional designers assisted by cutting-edge computerized equipment. With all that in mind, humour is still not lost on them, as can be gleaned from the many witty references and hints the company has become somewhat associated with.

Thus, the Fabbian approach is based on a pooling of innovative design ideas from talented individuals coming from all around the world and a subsequent phase dedicated to the careful research of market developments, finally leading to the actual manufacturing stage. The result is a brand reputed for innovation and its commitment to quality, complemented by a refreshingly witty charm.

Fabbian‘s Stylish and Contemporary Collections with a Sense of Humour

Fabbian offers a wide array of lighting products, which are represented by various collections, with as many different materials being used. One can find pendant lights, linear suspension lights, recessed lights, flush mounts, semi-flush mounts, chandeliers, wall sconces, table lamps, floor lamps as well as outdoor lighting in the company‘s product range.

Fabbian‘s Beluga collection by Marc Sadler, of which there is a Colour, Royal, Steel and White subdivision, is one of the company‘s most famous ones. The Beluga Royal LED pendants are particularly striking pieces, able to decorate a room both in a group or as single a single hanging lamp. What makes this light so special is its clear hand-blown glass having been subjected to gold, bronze or titanium metallization, giving each of these finishes a subtle shimmer of these metals. Most importantly, the reflection patterns playing around the sphere make a decorative element of its own, varying with each surrounding and thus introducing an element of liveliness into any room. And when turned on, the mirroring effect is replaced by reflections from the LED light source covered by a polycarbonate diffuser.

Fabbian‘s Cloudy collection by well-known French designer Mathieu Lehanneur, on the other hand, has earned the company an award in 2014. It features a pendant and ceiling lamp variant for indoor usage, available in a larger-sized and smaller-sized version respectively. The hand-blown glass of each diffuser is entirely unique, making each of these lamps unlike the other. With a transparent bottom and a transition to matte white towards the top as well as a die-cast aluminium fixture, these charming lights evoke a sense of lightness and freshness setting in after it has rained.


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