Designer and Luxury Lounge Chairs

    • Dialma Brown / Armchair with pouffe / DB005795

    Dialma Brown / Armchair with pouffe / DB005795

    By Dialma Brown
    Price VAT free
    excl. VAT
    Ships within 4 to 6 weeks
    Upholstery: 2 options
    • Adriana Hoyos / Lounge chair / Chocolate CH10-900
    Discontinued product

    Adriana Hoyos / Lounge chair / Chocolate CH10-900

    By Adriana Hoyos
    Ships within 16 weeks
    Finish: 6 options
    Upholstery: 59 options
    • Caracole / Chair / M050-017-132-A

    Caracole / Chair / M050-017-132-A

    By Caracole
    Price VAT free
    excl. VAT
    Ships within 10 to 12 weeks
    Finish: 2 options
    Fabric: 2 options
    • Massant / Lounge Chair / Directoire DTC6

    Massant / Lounge Chair / Directoire DTC6

    By Massant
    Price VAT free
    excl. VAT
    Ships within 10 to 14 weeks
    Finish: 32 options
    Upholstery: 2 options
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Lounge Chairs

Lounge chairs of exclusive luxury design to add relaxing mood to your elegant living room

The lounge chair is about to be noticed by everyone who enters the room. It can’t be just a part of the interior design even when it has the most modest look among all other objects. Lounge chair is a statement. It’s made to bring special relaxing spirit to the room, to add a zone of comfort, it’s eye-catching. These all features work as one in the chairs by the luxury designers: comfort is provided by the high-quality fabric and wide seat, a set of soft cushions, and splendid handcrafted elements to decorate the item. Choose your lounge chair by the style or by the brand. We represent exclusive Italian, Belgium, American, and Latin American manufacturers on our website. Every order will be delivered for free in the shortest possible time.

Lounge chairs for the Contemporary design

Lounge chairs with a free spirit are about collections by Adriana Hoyos. This designer and her team know how to insert wild tropical mood to the elegant chairs. Their collection Chocolate that you can find on our website is a pure example of this concept. 

  • sculptural and clear lines of the wood frame and base in up tp 6 finishes
  • decorative element for the high back
  • upholstery in one of the 59 options for the color and the fabric
  • an additional set of sequin back cushions
  • lower comfortable seat

This lounge chair looks great in the living room of the Contemporary or Rustic style as well as in the garden or at the terrace with a fantastic view. When being a part of the interior this lounge chair should be completed by the metal-glass coffee table the designer has in her portfolio.

Italians in Dialma Brown brand believes lounge chair must have high seat on the swivel metal base and upholstered by leather for the maximum comfort.

American manufacturer Caracole offers classic lounge chairs of wood with a wide square seat and comfortable back upholstered with velvet in the natural colors.

The classic look of the lounge chairs

The classic interior design of your living room will look complete when decorated by the lounge chair by Belgium manufacturer Massant or Italian brand Dialma Brown. The Belgian designers gave their hearts to the epoch of kings and queens which is easy to recognize in the names of their collections while Dialma Brown prefers to see the Classic chairs upholstered in leather and of the regular shape. Armchair from the Directoire collection is a quintessence of luxury and comfort.

  • a lengthened structure that reminds the chaises chairs or a couch
  • wood base in up to 32 finishes with an antique touch
  • high-end fabric in 2 neutral colors for the finish

Such a lounge chair came right from the living room of the French leaders who lived in the XVIII century. Complemented by the fireplace it will help to create a pure refined and royal mood in the room.

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