Designer and Luxury Transparent-Silver Multi-Light Pendants

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    • Alma Light  / Pendant / Drop 5112/246 LED
    • Alma Light  / Pendant / Drop 5112/246 LED
    • Alma Light  / Pendant / Drop 5112/246 LED
    • Alma Light  / Pendant / Drop 5112/246 LED
    • Alma Light  / Pendant / Drop 5112/246 LED

    Alma Light / Pendant / Drop 5112/246 LED

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Multi-Light Pendants

Multi-Light Pendants are created for several purposes: to give lots of light, to make space bigger or  to add luxury to the interior design. To reach any of these goals it’s necessary to choose not only the right type of the pendant but what is even more important the designer that manufactures lighting with all the features to suit that purpose. Our luxury multi-light pendants represent different styles, from the Classic and splendor Venetian to the Urban and Contemporary ones.

Combination of skills and art

A pendant from the manufacturer who started as the master of the Venetian chandeliers? The best one in this category is De Majo brand whose founder began to work with Murano glass in the middle of the previous century and since then has improved his skills till the max level. De Majo puts art above all but at the same time, they keep the line pure and even strict without exaggeration. With the same success, these designers create ultra-modern pendants from the frosted glass in one collection and keep the classic tradition by combining glass and metal in another one.

The collections Tag and Boa-Contemporary which are both introduced on our website are multi-light and suspension pendants made of wood, metal, and glass using modern technologies. They suit perfectly interior design in any room including kitchen directing light straight to the chosen zone. The incredible feeling of mixing the wood frame with glass gives an unexpected result that puts these pendants on the highest ranks.

The collection Francesco Dei Rossi is inspiring design with a classic touch: these multi-light pendants look good in big and small rooms.

The new Classic 

The new Classic style in interior design distinguishes with a diversity of shapes and materials. Almost no limits except your personal taste and the feeling of beauty. It’s impossible to make mistakes while choosing the pendants in this style for a kitchen or a dining room. Famous luxury brands like Moretti Luce, Italamp, Alma Light or Archeo Venice Design cover all requests in this category by creating unique pieces of lighting. 

The pendant may complete the interior design in the kitchen when having a look of glass or better a set of glasses. Designers in Italamp suggest an extraordinary solution with such a pendant that consists of 10 glasses. The customer only has to choose the color of the finish: transparent, gold, pink or titanium.

The professionals in Archeo Venice Design also like exceptional but still within classic pendants. The ceiling lamp that looks like a set of graceful flower pots made of glass with a white finish. That’s a true rare luxury to own.

To have Urban vibes in the kitchen is more than possible with the help of the lamps by Moretti Luce: always with finish in the antique dark or aged brass, these multi-light pendants get their independent place in the chosen space.

Get any pendant in time

All the ideas represented on our website have a precise description that helps to make a choice. Every company whose pendants are set for this or that category will be delivered in time after the purchasing is confirmed. We will deliver the item without any additional fees. So, you just have to select the lamp with all the options suggested by the manufacturer and leave all details in the basket.

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