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Outdoor & Patio

Furniture and Accessories for the Yard, Terrace and Patio

The design of a luxurious courtyard or patio is hardly possible without furniture, which creates the feeling of coziness, comfort and relaxation. The area adjacent to the house should be well lit. In addition, places are needed where the hosts can receive guests and enjoy outdoor activities.

Street Lights: Placement, Shape and Design

Elite lamps for the courtyard and patio are handmade products. Premium and luxury materials are used to create them. These are bronze, brass, tempered glass, reinforced plastic and other materials of high strength.

Lamps for terraces and patios are pendant, wall or floor lamps that illuminate the space adjacent to the house. In shape they can be round, semicircular, asymmetric, oval or disk-shaped. 

By the number of spots, these are linear, single-lamp or multi-lamp models, decorated with chasing, a pendant, metal carving, and a bowl for light bulbs, all made in a classic or modern style. The design of garden and courtyard lamps can vary from classic lanterns and kerosene lamps in retro style to unique author's models of the original form. For example, a curved lantern in the form of a pipe creates a mood for those who are fond of music.

Brands of Lamps for the Yard and Garden

Most of the fixtures presented on our website are produced in Germany and Italy. However, there is an extensive line of models from the USA, Spain, England, Belgium and other European countries.

Lamps from Germany are represented by the Robers brand. Their design shows a restrained North European and Mediterranean eclecticism. Most models are lanterns of various shapes, in an industrial style, created of brass and with a matte white or orange glow, as well as embossed and forged details.

Italian fixtures present the brands Moretti Luce, Dialma Brown, Prandina, Italamp, Fabian, In-es.Art Design. These are wall, ceiling-mounted, pendant and floor lamps of an original design, with hi-tech and classic elements. 

Suspension Zava lamps with protection of bulbs from damage and the linear multi-tube designs of Fabbian are two of the most convenient and aesthetic solutions filling the corners for relaxation in the yard and garden with soft, pleasant light.

Patio Furniture: Lounge Armchairs and Chairs

Furniture for a patio, small courtyard in the Spanish style called, is presented by design developments in a modern, industrial, urban and rustic style. The works of Dialma Brown, Robers and Massant all show incredible sophistication and subtlety of work, as well as an extremely harmonious combination of new and traditional technologies. The typical patio has a fence, galleries and fountains. When choosing furniture, focus on the general style of the courtyard, its area and geometry.

The lounge chairs of Dialma Brown are lightweight, ergonomic, with bright fabric upholstery and a metal frame. Chairs and console tables of the Belgian brand Massant made of natural wood are a wonderful set of dining furniture that can be placed on the terrace or on the patio. The structural elements of the tables are decorated with carvings and patterns from different types of wood.

Massant chairs and deckchairs are created in a surprisingly harmonious blend of antique and rocaille style. Carved coffee tables in this design make it possible to create elegant sets for outdoor relaxing. Vaughan English hand-held lanterns add a romantic feel to outdoor dining.

If you prefer high-tech style in the design of the courtyard, garden or terrace, then it is worth paying attention to the laconic, carefully thought-out models of Italamp and Vibia brands. A corner chair and a same shape table, combining a floor lamp with a semiconical lampshade is the composition that creates a calm working mood. After finishing work, the chair can be put under the table and thereby make the terrace space freer.

Garden Furniture and Accessories: Benches, Deck Chairs and Lamps

Designer garden furniture on our site is presented by benches, chaise lounges in the same style or combined with each other. Models and sets are made of hard varnishes or polished wood. All the details are very well thought out. 

The bench or deck chair is as stable as possible, attracts the eye with smooth lines and is a comfortable place for reading in the garden, talking or sunbathing. Robers benches are distinguished by the author's design in the style of "bus stop" or "waiting room", with urbanistic elements and solid processing of dark metal.

Wooden lattice seats and backs of deckchairs create a feeling of lightness and harmony with the design of window shutters, railings, along with other decorative and constructive elements on the terrace. Bench sofas made of planks, with several supporting legs, are made in an unobtrusive vintage style so that they can be moved to a corner of the garden or park that is convenient for you.

All garden and terrace furniture presented in our store is used to play its part in a single harmonious composition. Lamps, armchairs, chairs and tables, as well as benches and garden lights, can be assembled into sets according to a given style or combination of styles. Luxurious lanterns of Fine Art Lamps with one or several candles immediately attract the eye and fill the space of the evening garden with a bright play of light and shadows.

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