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Wall Sconces

The wall sconces have less popularity than pendants of any type but you will be impressed to see the diversity of them on our website. We introduce the best companies from all over the world being their exclusive distributors and guarantee the perfect quality. Wall sconces, in the way the modern designers see them, can complement the interior design in any style: from the contemporary and classic to the baroque and rustic. 

Pure luxury in classic style

The classic style for the wall sconces is the most popular that is used by the designers. They create these objects of art in glass and metal combining them masterly so there is no wall sconce similar to others. Some manufacturers concentrate on this style mostly creating portfolios of hundred items. They are Glass and Glass Murano, Fine Art Lamps, De Majo, Charles Paris, Mariner, Vaughan, Preciosa, and some others. Each of them has a vision different from others. Mariner is the company from Belgium that creates perfect reproductions. They are a perfect choice for those who make their living room in a royal style. Preciosa from the Czech Republic is fantastic with glass, as well as Glass and Glass Murano. Preciosa stands for the wall bracket in candle style while Glass and Glass Murano, a manufacturer from Italy, follows the rule to use mostly crystals in their wall sconces.

For pure luxury in every line and even mood, check De Majo’s products. This brand believes neutral and warm colors are the best for the lampshade finish to give the elegant look to the wall lamp.

Industrial and Rustic wall lamps

These two styles may have lots of different elements but there is a manufacturer who is expert in both. They are Moretti Luce from Italy. Wall sconces belong to collections with special names that reflect the idea: the Cubic collections include wall lamps with uncovered bulbs placed into the center, the Silindar collection shows the sconces in candle shape made of die-cast brass in 5 finishes.

Another company that creates perfect wall sconces in Rustic style, in particular, is Corbin Bronze who has already become a legend. His art objects are in the wish-list of the famous actors and artists of the world. Corbin Bronze is known for his handcrafted wall lamps of bronze. They have a unique feature: to have a popular candle-like look but have a special spirit.

Art Deco and Art Nouveau glamour

Being the streams of the contemporary style in lighting, Art Deco and Art Nouveau have their significant features. Baccarat, a manufacturer from France, suggests torch and wall lamps richly decorated by the crystal elements. The Boyd brand from the USA impresses with the candelabra style wall sconces where the main attention goes to the holder as it’s fully customized giving 8 options for the finish of steel and wood. 

The brightest representatives of Art Nouveau style are Multiforme and Italamp, both from Italy. The fancy shapes, lots of decoration, deep colors, and unique ornaments - they are the attributes of this type of wall sconces.

The diversity of contemporary lamps

The contemporary style is always different. Different in shapes, colors, and shades. It includes many streams where each brings something unique and all together they create a huge family. To make the right choice and complement the living room with a truly contemporary style wall sconces take a look at the designers that give the biggest amount of ideas - Charles Paris, De Majo, Zava, Iatalamp, Prandina or Fine Art Lamps. However, it does not mean the smaller brands have nothing to suggest. For example, the Palucco manufacturer creates collections called “Totem” where wall lamps are multicolor, made of metal and include several parts where each has its geometric form. 

Another example is In-es.Artdesign, a company from Italy, whose wall sconces look like photo frames highlighting around the perimeter with a mirror inside or have a shape of the moon colored into bright colors.

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