La Murrina / Pendant / Jardin de Verre Riviere

Collection Jardin de Verre
Brand origin country Italy
Dimensions (HxWxD): 60 x 36 x 36
Ships within 3 to 4 weeks
SKU: Jardin de Verre Pendant Riviere

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La Murrina / Pendant / Jardin de Verre Riviere
La Murrina / Pendant / Jardin de Verre Riviere
By La Murrina
Collection Jardin de Verre
Made in Italy
Supply Voltage
Metal / Murano glass - Handmade
Dimensions (HxWxD): 60 x 36 x 36
SKU: Jardin de Verre Pendant Riviere

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Product details
La Murrina Pendant Jardin de Verre Riviere
More Information
Dimensions (HxWxD): 60 x 36 x 36
Dimensions (HxWxD) Inch.: 24" x 14" x 14"
Material: Metal / Murano glass - Handmade
Metalwork: Polished gold

About Designer

The Jardin de Verre collection by Alessandro La Spada, a love story between man and nature, the tale of a nineteenth century English Doctor, Nathaniel B. Ward, who was passionate about botany. Observing the metamorphosis of a chrysalis closed in a jar with a handful of earth, Ward discovered that seeds and spores not only germinate but survive for years. His observation led to the so called “Wardian cases”, true ecosystems which allowed transportation of plants and flowers from one continent to another and became decorative features in houses of the time. The chandelier, as well as the wall lamps, bases and table lamps in the Jardin de Verre collection reproduce the most beautiful bell shape of Wardian cases and enclose three different items made from glass. The complexity and sheer beauty of the glass objects are a declaration of the skill and art of the Murano Masters: the cactus with curved leaves; the delicate, graceful butterflies sitting on fine branches; the notched cup of the bell and its precious clapper. The client can compose and alternate the three subjects to obtain a totally customized object. An overall embellishing touch is given by cartridge shaped arms to support the bell. The arms are crafted with spiral streaks which can only be executed by exceptionally talented glass Masters. The unusual delicate, subtle colour palette – amethyst, honey, periwinkle blue and crystal combined with the bright gold of the metal elements – lend a decidedly dreamlike atmosphere to the collection. Design: Alessandro La Spada Born in Reggio Calabria to parents of Sicilian origin. Always fascinated emotional-looking objects. He transfer to Milan where he obtained a diploma in interior design at the Interior Design Institute. He works as a designer and art director with several companies. His most significant projects are represented by the consolidated partnership with IPE Group in the collections Visionnaire. It ‘was a lecturer in furniture design at the Domus Academy in Milan and the Interior Design Institute. He loves to work closely with the matter especially to the metal. He calls himself a self-taught artist with the enthusiasm of the craftsman.
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