La Murrina / Chandelier / 801 S/37
Polished Gold finish / Transparent Grafito glass color

La Murrina / Chandelier / 801 S/37

Collection CLASSICO-800
Brand origin country Italy
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La Murrina / Chandelier / 801 S/37
La Murrina / Chandelier / 801 S/37
By La Murrina
Collection CLASSICO-800
Made in Italy
Metal / Murano glass (Handmade)
SKU: 801S/37

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Discontinued product
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Product details

The shapes are the ancient ones, deprived of the decorative motives more typical of the Venitian tradition, and redesigned with more sober and straight shapes. The purity and the transparency of the glass improve its value and the quality of the manufacturing is exalted by the linearity of the shapes and the elegance of the product. Art and passion combined together giving life to products whose style, even if does not follow the most innovative tendencies, remains timeless.

Has a different number of lights (E27 / 42W):

S/37: 5 lights (cm.: 50 x 37 x 37 / inch.: 20" x 15" x 15")

Weight 18 kg / 39.6 Ibs.

S/50: 5 lights (cm.: 54 x 50 x 50 / inch.: 21" x 20" x 20")

Weight 39 kg / 85.9 Ibs.

S/59: 9 lights (cm.: 59 x 59 x 59 / inch.: 23" x 23" x 23")

Weight 39 kg / 85.9 Ibs.

S/80: 16 lights (cm.: 64 x 80 x 80 / inch.: 25" x 31" x 31")

Weight 78 kg / 171.8 Ibs.

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Material: Metal / Murano glass (Handmade)
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